I experienced my first Authentic Relating Games Night in October 2018. I left feeling grounded, fulfilled and a deep sense of connection with myself and others. These types of experiences are often reserved for multi-day retreats  and other professional/personal development endeavors, so I was impressed that we accomplished these outcomes with games and activities during one evening.

I completed the Authentic Leadership Training in June 2019 and am now bringing Authentic Relating into my home community in Reno/Tahoe. What is authentic relating, how does it serve our purpose of re-humanizing the workplace?

Authentic relating includes activities designed to foster, deepen and fuel human connection. You can use Authentic Relating to:

  1. Work on your human skills including:
    • Communication (verbal and non-verbal)
    • Empathy
    • Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, other awareness and relationship building
    • Courage – asking for what we need, setting boundaries, sharing our stories and experiences
    • Emotional literacy
    • Body intelligence
  1. Experience social tools that build trust and psychological safety.
  2. Have fun!

If you want to experience Authentic Relating:

  • Sign up for an Authentic Relating Games Night in your own community.
  • Make a trip to Reno and attend one of ours (here).
  • Bring Authentic Relating to your next team offsite, meeting or retreat.
  • Buy the manual and facilitate Authentic Relating for your team (we only recommend this for seasoned facilitated who are experienced at creating safe containers in which people can be vulnerable).